Wall systems

  Description Capacity Sales outlets
STAS minirail Smallest in the world 25 kg/m
STAS cliprail Basic, simple and easy 20 kg/m
STAS cliprail max Fits straight to the ceiling, no gap 25 kg/m
STAS cliprail pro Heavy duty 45 kg/m
STAS j-rail Hanging high and changing fast 25 kg/m
STAS j-rail max Professional / industrial 100 kg/m
STAS plaster rail No rail visible 20 kg/m
STAS decor-rail Can be hidden behind moulding 25 kg/m
STAS railkits Everything you need in one package -

STAS hanging systems and accessories for wall mounting.
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  1. STAS minirail
  2. STAS cliprail
  3. STAS cliprail max
  4. STAS cliprail pro
  5. STAS j-rail
  6. STAS j-rail max
  7. STAS plaster rail
  8. STAS decor-rail
  9. STAS railkits
  10. Applicable accessories