STAS multirail

45 kg/m¹

The STAS multirail system is a worldwide patented painting suspension system equipped with 12 volt wiring. This revolutionary system gives you a suspension system with an unprecedented number of possibilities.
You can hang paintings, postcards and posters in the blink of an eye. Easily moveable light fittings can be clicked anywhere you like on to the rail, for example to spotlight your wall decorations with LED or halogen lamps. But the STAS multirail goes further. Using the STAS powerline, digital panels and 12V LED televisions are also easy to connect to the STAS multirail. With the STAS multirail you can create the longest power socket in your house, office or elsewhere.

If you want a safe, multifunctional hanging system with integral 12V lighting, the STAS multirail system is your best choice. The STAS mulitrail attaches to the wall.

• 12V system (low-voltage supply)
• aluminium rail
• dimensions 11 x 28 mm
• capable of carrying loads of up to 45 kg per metre
• available in white or a natural aluminium colour
• powered by an 18W, 60W or 96W adaptor

The following hooks and cords can be used in combination with this picture hanging system:
STAS smartspring on STAS cobra with perlon cord (supports up to 4 kg)
STAS zipper on STAS cobra with perlon cord (supports up to 15 kg)
STAS zipper on STAS cobra with steel cable (supports up to 20 kg)
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